We are a few members of a 15 person team traveling to Ghana this summer from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). We are all first year Masters of Occupational Therapy students who have decided to take this opportunity to explore the world and apply skills we’ve learned in our studies to provide education and services to Ghanaian people. A special focus will be placed on children with disabilities and children who are disadvantaged by their family situation (e.g. orphans, street children). Our group will be splitting into two upon our arrival and heading to both Accra and the Volta region.

Part of our trip experience is sharing what we learn with others. A few of us have decided to to blog collaboratively about our experiences before, during and after the trip to share our varied experiences in one place. Our goal is for this blog to serve as a place for us to reflect on our learning prior to our trip, to share our personal and group goals for our time in Ghana, and to provide information about our experiences with others interested in working in Ghana or other developing countries.